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Ep. 84: A Hodgepodge of Idiots
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Publish-date-icon March 7, 2012
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He stared pensively into the void of space, no longer remembering clearly the circumstances that had brought him to this point. Would he ever know, truly? There'd be time enough to consider that later, but now he needed to head to the station's head as he knew a new transmission would be arriving soon. The promise of a beatdown over at least one sci-fi author was enough to bring him to this point but he knew there would be plenty more as the strange beings whose signal he picked up were famous among themselves for getting more detailed than they should. One of them had a new question as well and the promise of their ring distributing ceremony always held something interesting.

This episode: Over/Under on Sci-fi authors! Kinsel ponders the simple beauty of Camp Nowhere! I discover that someone else on Earth has read a John Christopher story though it was under one of his other assumed names! Get frustrated with Jas and Mike over people not reading Larry Niven! Get a brief little box office analysis as I get shocked over how much money The Lorax opened at! All this and plenty more on a slightly streamlined new episode of Planned Banter, the show that doesn't have to crib from other shows in the same area for the tone of their write-ups that they then adopt for every episode because they can't create anything original themselves! Thrills, thrills, THRILLS!

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