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Ep. 86: Ants on the Sandpaper
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Publish-date-icon March 21, 2012
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What's that? A few relatively big conventions happened? South by Southwest and Wondercon? Wait, they weren't actually that big of a deal but are, respectively, kind of coasting on the fact that Sundance is becoming less relevant every year and that the comic movies of last summer had big presentations there? Also Wondercon kind of had a big Game of Thrones presence last year? Well that's kind of cool; I'm really glad that the lower left quarter of the US gets all these great opportunities especially since they don't have anything like the Alamo Drafthouse or SDCC around to keep them busy or look forward to.

Not that it's a big deal or anything.

Anyway, Prometheus, the most important film in the history of human civilization, had a new trailer debut and we're going to analyze it in the most meaningful way possible in a new session of Trailer Trash. That roughly translates to... something.

Also, we look at how Tim Burton has somehow made Dark Shadows into a movie that I'd actually want to watch as opposed to a TV show I'd change the channel for once the Twilight Zone and Swamp Thing reruns were over on Sci-Fi in the 90's.

Plus, at Mike and Kinsel's insistence, we analyze our first ever video game trailers!

Assassin's Creed 3 had me interested when I heard it took place during the Revolutionary War; does the trailer help that? Can it get Jas to actually give a shit?

I remember Borderlands being kind of a big deal but not a huge crazy off-the-wall success; since almost every single videogame in existence is now a franchise, what's Borderlands 2 going to offer? We watch a trailer that tells us!

Also, we said we'd do it a few episodes ago so I hope you guys are ready for NOSTRADORKUS! However that turns out sounding, there you have it. We take a look at the brewing hate storm over the silly Michael Bay panel for his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles project! Star Wars gets mentioned at some point! Wrestlemania (sort of)! All that and Lantern Corpsner, where I wonder if there isn't a huge divide between people who listen to the show and people who read the site. Is anyone paying attention to these write-ups?

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